A/B Street - Open Source Contributions

A/B Street describes itself as…

“Ever been stuck in traffic on a bus, wondering why is there legal street parking instead of a dedicated bus lane? A/B Street is a game exploring how small changes to a city affect the movement of drivers, cyclists, transit users, and pedestrians. It works anywhere in the world, thanks to OpenStreetMap.”

This game/simulation was created by Dustin Carlino and is written in Rust. I have participated in design discussions and have added several features via successful pull requests (some examples below).

I added a feature to search the 15-minute neighborhood tool by a particular amenity type and visualize the distances of buildings on foot or bike in relation to that amenity. See the pull request on Github.

I added a feature to the 15-minute neighborhood tool to highlight all buildings within a 15-minute walk or bike trip from the map’s border to tell the user that an amenity might exist off the map. See the pull request on Github.